Clive Palmer ignored solution to toxic water

Mining billionaire Clive Palmer ignored expert advice about how to remove toxic water from his North Queensland refinery, says Queensland Greens spokesperson Dr Libby Connors. 

Reef is not Clive Palmer’s dumping ground

The Queensland Greens state that plans to dump millions of litres of nickel tailings from the Yabulu Nickel Refinery in Great Barrier Reef waters is unacceptable. 

Owner Clive Palmer is claiming the jobs of 1,000 of his employees should take precedence over the health of the reef. 

LNP should say no to bully-boy Clive Palmer

News that Clive Palmer’s China First mine is on a shaky financial footing should prompt Premier Newman to protect the interests of all Queenslanders, not just rich mining magnates.

Newman and Seeney will destroy iconic places and Queensland tourism with it

 The Queensland Greens state that Campbell Newman's comments this afternoon on the Galilee Basin and on the reef are a breach of election promises as well as seeking to wind back the political clock to a previous era.

Congratulations Clive Palmer: QG Inaugural Fossilfool

Mining billionaire Clive Palmer was this afternoon declared the inaugural Queensland FossilFool for 2012.

A small group of Queensland Greens enjoying post-election drinks in a Brisbane hotel this afternoon announced that they had reached consensus that no one was more deserving of the accolade than Mr Palmer.

Wandoan coal mine decision hits Reef and farmland

This afternoon’s decision by the Land Court to recommend the approval of the 30 mega tonne per annum coal mine in Wandoan is more bad news for the world heritage Great Barrier Reef and the 67,000 Australians who depend on the Reef for their livelihood.

Billionaire admits interference in election campaign

The Queensland Greens today criticised mining billionaire Clive Palmer’s latest comments as proof of his contempt for democracy.

Old parties fail to rein in CSG for Queensland

The Labor, Liberal and National parties have again failed to commit to action on risky coal seam gas mining, voting down a second Greens motion for a moratorium on CSG two days before the Queensland state elections.

Bimblebox to be first test of Palmer’s power over Queensland LNP

The fate of Queensland’s Bimblebox Nature Refuge lies with how much power Clive Palmer will have over a Queensland LNP Government, as the mining billionaire banks on being allowed to turn the part taxpayer-funded Refuge into a 40 million tonne coal mine.

Billionaires’ mining boom damaging Queensland

The mining boom driven by billionaire magnates like Clive Palmer is weakening the economy and damaging regional communities and the environment, but the old parties don’t want to know as they are likely to block a Greens motion deferred to tomorrow to assess the real costs of the mining boom to Queensland.