CSG invasion on the Darling Downs

The Greens Federal candidates for Maranoa - Grant Newson and Groom - Trevor Smith attended, and Queensland Greens lead Senate candidate Adam Stone spoke at, a rally of land owners threatened by Arrow Energy Coal Seam Gas industry at Nangwee Saturday.

Mining under LNP undermining Abbott

The Queensland Greens say more needs to be done to protect residents and farmers from the impacts of coal seam gas and large coal mines, despite some Federal Government future safeguards.

Greens question LNP action on CSG

After more than six months under the LNP, community concerns about Queensland’s coal seam gas industry remain unaddressed, say the Queensland Greens.

Qld Environmentalists’ Frack Fact Finding Tour in USA

 Prominent Queensland Greens member Libby Connors and her husband, Drew Hutton, President of Lock the Gate Alliance will travel to the United States to help uncover adverse impacts of coal seam gas and shale gas mining. 

Miners Circling Ipswich

GEOFF EGAN geoff.egan@qt.col
COAL exploration is set to begin on Ipswich's southern outskirts.
Cuesta Coal is beginning exploration of a site adjacent to the proposed open-cut coalmine at Ebenezer, south of Amberley.
The exploration has outraged environmental groups already concerned with the possible proliferation of coalmines in the region.

CSG methane leak disaster shows moratorium needed

 Video footage of coal seam gas bubbling from the Condamine River close to CSG mining operations shows the need  for a five year moratorium on this risky industry, despite the old parties voting against the Greens move to legislate for a moratorium in federal Parliament last night.

Gas in Condamine: where are the seismic studies?

Gas is bubbling to the surface in a 5 kilometre stretch of the Condamine River and the Queensland Greens say it is proof that the LNP Government is no better at managing the coal seam gas sector than their Labor forebears. 

Boom to Bust for Gladstone: Qld Greens

State and federal governments will contribute to a boom-bust scenario for Gladstone if they allow more gas plants there, say the Queensland Greens.

Greens condemn broncos support of coal seam gas

Tuesday at a shareholders' meeting, Broncos executive Paul White was forced to defend his club's sponsorship by two mining companies, Anglo American and Arrow Energy involved in coal-seam gas projects, an issue that is causing deep divisions in Queensland and NSW.

Old parties fail to rein in CSG for Queensland

The Labor, Liberal and National parties have again failed to commit to action on risky coal seam gas mining, voting down a second Greens motion for a moratorium on CSG two days before the Queensland state elections.