Springbrook miraculous event

Isn’t it great news that two rare frog species not seen for forty years have been discovered on Springbrook, the World Heritage jewel in the Gold Coast’s otherwise slipping crown?

Waste not your vote on LNP policy

Gold Coast Greens are cautioning locals not to dump their vote when considering the management of massive regional population waste issues.

 “The LNP catch-cry is ‘stopping the waste’,” Albert Candidate Petrina Maizey said, “but Campbell’s promise to repeal the 2011 Waste Reduction Act means a mountain of rubbish none of us can handle.

Essential Greens

With ten outstanding candidates in all local electorates, the Gold Coast Greens say they are striving to bring justice to the human society and wealth back to the economy through their social justice and environmental principles.

Stop the quarry Ormeau

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to express my views and position as the Greens Candidate for Albert on the range of issues surrounding quarrying activity in the Ormeau area, as well as the overall effects of this mushrooming industry across Queensland as increasing population impacts continue to be felt.

Holistic Issues: Population expansion needs

The Major parties need to explain HOW they will Stop the Quarry

The Stop the Quarry community meeting on Tuesday night was full of rhetoric and all the usual suspects saying how opposed they are to the quarry and how much they don’t want it to go ahead, but no mention from any of the major parties on how exactly they would do it once in power.