Stopping of prison tours another blow to transparency

The Queensland Greens have condemned the state government's decision to halt the annual visits into Queensland prisons conducted by the Catholic Prison Ministry and the Prisoner's Legal Service.

Greens helping farmers to sell direct in Maranoa

The Australian Greens have announced an $85 million plan to help farmers bypass the big two supermarkets and sell direct to local consumers.

Greens plan to cut farm power bills in Maranoa with clean energy

 The Greens’ plan to lower farm energy bills would greatly help farmers in the Maranoa electorate, says Greens’ local candidate for the Federal election, Grant Newson.

Park Sale ‘Disgraceful’

Residents of Kingaroy and the South Burnett should be seriously alarmed at how easily a public park can be sold off regardless of the massive disapproval of ratepayers, Greens Candidate for Maranoa Grant Newson said today.

Surge in koala deaths show need for stronger environment laws

The recent and steep decline of koalas across Australia show that our national environment laws need to be made stronger and not weaker as the federal government is planning, the Australian Greens said today.

Greens alarmed at Campbell Newman's 100 days back to the future

The first 100 days of Campbell Newman's Premiership have been a disaster for Queensland's future according to the Queensland Greens.

On the 100th day of taking over responsibility for governing the State and all its features and assests, Premier Newman's success on the big issues can be judged as turbidity levels rise again in Gladstone Harbour.

Queensland Greens spokesperson, Dr Jim McDonald, said that it's not just inaction on environmental damage that is wrecking the fishing industry in Gladstone marking the first hundred days. Mr Newman has also deliberately killed off the immediate future for renewable energy in Queensland.

Premier's hair-brained plan for ambulances will cost Queensland communities

The Queensland Greens called on the Premier, Campbell Newman, to assure Queenslanders that the ambulance and fire services would be expanded to protect all communities in the cities and regions.

Greens Oppose Draconian Proposals For Queensland's Poorest

The State Government should not support proposed legislation aimed at harsh control over welfare recipients, say the Queensland Greens.

Abbot Point port crumbles in reprieve for Reef

In a reprieve for the environment, the climate and the Great Barrier Reef, the Queensland Government has decided that the massive coal export facility expansion, planned to make Abbot Point the largest coal port in the world, is deeply flawed and unviable.

New research could stop Great Barrier Reef ports

New research identifying greater dangers for whales from the Government’s plans for increased fossil fuel exports should cause the federal Environment Minister to review existing approvals and press pause on further approvals for controversial port expansions in Queensland, said the Australian Greens today.

This latest research indicates areas close to ports marked for large expansions as critical for humpback whales, and will be verified with further aerial studies to be released by the end of the year.

“Senate Estimates showed shipping movements are expected to increase more than three-fold, due to these massive port expansions for fossil fuel exports,” Greens environment spokesperson and former environmental lawyer Senator Larissa Waters said.

“With more than 11,700 shipping movements projected – more than one every hour – and this new research about critical whale areas, it’s highly likely that we will be seeing more humpback adults and babies being injured or killed due to collisions with coal and gas tankers.

“The Australian Government can’t have it both ways – they can’t turn our World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef into a coal and gas highway without severely damaging the environmental values for which the Reef was listed in the first place.

“The Environment Minister should wait for the results of these further whale studies before issuing any more port approvals.

“Likewise the Minister should reconsider existing port approvals when this ‘significant new information’ about whale impacts is published.

“If the Minister says this research is not ‘significant new information' which would allow him to reconsider approvals, this determination could be challenged in the courts.”