New analysis of Arrow LNG plant highlights downsides of boom

A new economic analysis by The Australia Institute reveals major economic disadvantages will be caused by just one LNG development by Arrow in Gladstone, where the ongoing environmental crisis in the harbour has already been linked to mass dredging for LNG exports, said the Greens today.

Newman approves largest coal mine for Gina

Australia’s largest coal mine was today approved by the Queensland Government, which is devastating news for the climate, the Great Barrier Reef and communities suffering cost of living pressures from the mining boom, said the Australian Greens.

Alpha mega-mine highlights need for strong federal laws

 The first Galilee Basin coal mega-mine is likely to be approved by the Queensland Government following today’s recommended conditional approval by the Coordinator-General, which is devastating news for the climate and the Great Barrier Reef, said the Greens.

Rio Tinto bauxite mine approval a taste of what’s to come under federal law changes

 Yesterday’s approval of Rio Tinto’s South of Embley bauxite mine in Cape York is a taste of more environmentally disastrous decisions to come from the Queensland Government, under the federal government’s plan to shed federal environmental responsibility to the States.

Ship break down demonstrates dangers of shipping boom

The Australian Greens are calling on the Government to press pause on plans to massively increase shipping for fossil fuel exports throughout the Great Barrier Reef, as a bulk carrier breaks down just off Cairns and is drifting towards Shark Reef.