Government must rein in rogue Gladstone dredgers

Turbidity data released today by Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) show that GPC has breached its Environmental Authority again by exceeding the turbidity limit for five days running, and government must now intervene to protect the Harbour and the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

Great Barrier Reef alarm call for World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day is a wake-up call to save the internationally renowned Great Barrier Reef from the devastating impacts of mass dredging, dumping and shipping for fossil fuel exports which the Federal Government’s strategic assessment won’t fix, the Australian Greens said today.

Newman and Seeney will destroy iconic places and Queensland tourism with it

 The Queensland Greens state that Campbell Newman's comments this afternoon on the Galilee Basin and on the reef are a breach of election promises as well as seeking to wind back the political clock to a previous era.

Greens welcome Great Barrier Reef poll: call on old parties for action

Adam Stone, lead candidate for The Greens and candidate for Mount Coot-tha, welcomed Galaxy Poll results that suggested that 91% of Australians oppose the Federal Government’s approvals to dump dredged waste from coal port terminals in the Great Barrier Reef world heritage area.

UNESCO determined to investigate Great Barrier Reef dredging

UNESCO has sent a clear message that they are taking the threat of mass dredging to the World Heritage status of the Great Barrier Reef seriously, setting out comprehensive terms of reference for their Reactive Monitoring Mission.

Qld Reef statement misses the elephant in the room

The Queensland Greens say that the evidence that fertiliser and pesticide run-off onto the Great Barrier Reef is reducing is great news but the state government is ignoring one of the greatest threats that the reef has ever faced and that is dredging for port development and heavy metal contamination from mining.  

Two inquiries in February-March are going to embarrass both Bligh and Newman

The Queensland Greens have warned that two inquiries are about to embarrass the two major parties in the lead up to the state election and prove that the Greens call for a coal and gas moratorium is warranted.