Greens back former LNP Member’s Call for Donation Transparency, Will Campaign to Restore Integrity to Queensland Politics

“The Greens have a strong record of campaigning for greater government transparency welcome Chris Davis's continued calls for greater transparency when it comes to fundraising activities by political parties,” said Jake Schoermer, the Greens Candidate for Indooroopilly.

Premiers Freudian Slip

‘In what is a clear Freudian slip Premier Campbell Newman has said that Queenslanders were his servants, is this really what the premier thinks of hard working Queenslanders?’ Said Janina Leo, Greens candidate for Springwood.

QCoal & ICAC events show Newman must change direction on donations

The Queensland Greens have urged Premier Campbell Newman to change direction and tighten controls on political donations. The LNP government is planning to remove an existing cap on political donations and increase the size of anonymous donations allowed to over $12 000.

Greens comment on proposed Palmer-Katter merger

The Greens say reports of a planner merger between the Palmer and Katter political parties in Queensland shows the need for a strong pro-environment political force to counter them at the next state election.

Sacking of PCMC removes last shred of independent scrutiny from Qld Parliament

The Queensland Greens say the Newman government has betrayed the trust which the public bestowed on them at last year's election.  

New Qld electoral law to entrench Government's power


Greens: Newman afraid of criticism, hobbles unions

The Queensland Greens have accused the Premier of being unable to handle criticism after he imposed onerous and unworkable administrative requirements designed to limit unions’ capacity to represent their members and engage in the public debate.

Queensland: the most unrepresentative parliament in five country comparison

The current debate on voting systems and electoral reform ignores the ‘elephant in the room’ – the state’s exceptionally unrepresentative parliament, say the Queensland Greens.

Liberal Party presses Ted Baillieu on vote change

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