Qld budget outlook requires cuts to mining subsidies

The Queensland Greens say the state government must cut back on its huge subsidies to fossil fuel industries if it is to be serious about debt reduction.

CSG invasion on the Darling Downs

The Greens Federal candidates for Maranoa - Grant Newson and Groom - Trevor Smith attended, and Queensland Greens lead Senate candidate Adam Stone spoke at, a rally of land owners threatened by Arrow Energy Coal Seam Gas industry at Nangwee Saturday.

Coal dust impacts must be stopped

The Greens Federal Candidate for Maranoa, Mr Grant Newson would like to see inquiries to be conducted within towns affected by coal trains within his electorate. 

Draft report aired at last

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VicMPs Upper House Region: 

Mining the Galilee Basin further evidence of LNP short-sightedness

The Deputy Premier's cavalier rejection of an impeccably referenced new Greenpeace report into the greenhouse impacts of the mega coal mines planned for Central Queensland’s Galilee Basin further illustrates the LNP's inability to plan for the future, say the Queensland Greens.

"These nine mines in Central Queensland will result in nearly double the greenhouse gas emissions that the entire Australian economy generates in a year, yet Mr Seeney has rejected these findings out of hand because he doesn’t like the report’s authors,” said Queensland Greens Senate candidate, Adam Stone.

Qld Environmentalists’ Frack Fact Finding Tour in USA

 Prominent Queensland Greens member Libby Connors and her husband, Drew Hutton, President of Lock the Gate Alliance will travel to the United States to help uncover adverse impacts of coal seam gas and shale gas mining. 

Say no to binge drilling

SAY NO TO BINGE DRILLING: Why sporting & community groups should say no to gas corporation sponsorship

Communities should oppose “binge drilling” just as they oppose binge drinking, say the Queensland Greens.

No objectivity for Landholders from this Gasfields Commission

The Queensland Greens have expressed disappointment over the appointments to the Gasfields Commission. 

Mining and Gas add to Qld’s public debt

News that the government statutory authorities’ debt has been included in the Independent Commission of Audit’s calculations has been welcomed by the Queensland Greens. 

‘The public deserves to see how the debt has been calculated and which statutory authorities have the greatest debt,’ state spokesperson Dr Libby Connors said today. 

State control of environment approvals bad news for Bimblebox

If the Federal Government’s plan to devolve its environment powers to the States goes ahead as planned next year, Campbell Newman will have the final say over whether LNP major donor Clive Palmer will be permitted to turn Bimblebox Nature Refuge into a coal mine.