Fake HTVs Lack Integrity and Ethics

The Queensland Greens are disappointed that the ALP is lowering the standard of democracy and ethical electioneering with the issuing of fake how to vote cards (HTV’s) to voters.

 The fact remains that the Queensland Greens are not recommending any other party on their how to vote cards in 88 of 89 seats.

 “We have consistently called for, and demonstrated integrity in government and politics.  This extends to how any party or candidate behaves.  Producing fake HTV’s is a deliberate attempt to mislead voters.” Queensland Greens spokesperson and candidate for Whitsunday Jonathon Dykyj said today.

“This is totally unacceptable, deceptive and goes to the heart of why people don’t trust politicians and why so many people are disengaged with politics.  It’s an issue of trust.”  Mr Dykyj said.

“Official Queensland Greens HTV’s will have a photo of the candidate and the party’s distinctive triangle logo on them.  Anything else referring to voting green or the environment is a desperate and underhanded attempt by the ALP to further their own self-serving cause.

“Just because it may be ‘within the rules’ does not make it any less unethical or deceptive.

“The Queensland Greens call on ALP secretary Anthony Chisholm, who officially authorised the fake HTV’s, Premier Anna Bligh and all ALP candidates to do the decent thing and direct booth workers to not hand out the thousands fake how to vote cards and do the responsible thing with them by putting them in the recycling or compost bin.

“The LNP have already trashed their commitment to accountability and good governance in the face of their impending landslide to power.  With Labor’s poor record and the threat of a party led by Bob Katter, an ex-minister in the corrupt Bjelke-Petersen Government, Queensland voters only have one choice to ‘keep the bastards honest’ this election and that’s by voting 1 Green.  Number 2 is up to you.”  Mr Dykyj concluded.

CONTACT: Jonathon Dykyj
Greens Candidate for Whitsunday and Qld Greens Regional Spokesperson

phone: 0407 100 346  email: whitsunday@qld.greens.org.au

web: www.qld.greens.org.au/whitsunday 

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