Gladstone fishers in court but still no substance from LNP

The Greens Candidate for Yeerongpilly Libby Connors today warned that the LNP had made no commitments as to what actions they would take in government with respect to Gladstone Harbour.

The Planning and Environment Court in Rockhampton yesterday adjourned after receiving affidavits from Gladstone commercial fishermen and related businesses affected by the loss of fishing grounds who are seeking compensation. There has been massive disruption to the harbour which is a dugong sanctuary and part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area.

“At least one LNP politician has visited the town and called for compensation for the fishermen in the past twelve months, but other than the compensation issue there has been a lack of commitment from the LNP,” Libby Connors said on the last day of the election campaign.

“We need to know what action an LNP government would take over the high
turbidity levels caused by dredging, the loss of sea grass beds and the
problems of diseased fish.

 “For the Bligh Government it has been denial and cover-up. The Department of Primary Industries” Fish Health Sampling Report released on 27 February acknowledges that the very low number of samples for all test results means comparison of the data is statistically invalid. (p. 11)

 “But that did not stop DERM officials from dismissing the independent and more detailed analysis of Galdstone fish health by Dr Matt Landos for the Gladstone Fishing Research Fund just last week.

 “We need to hear that the LNP will not follow the direction of the Labor Government or of their mining mates such as Clive Palmer.

 “They must say no to a fourth LNG plant for Curtis Island or for the mainland and no to any further development of coal terminals in the harbour while we still do not know what has caused the diseased marine life.

 “It is disturbing that they expect to slip into government without presenting any alternative leadership on the problems facing the harbour.

 “Only the Greens can bring the leadership required to protect our precious coastal environments.”

Contact: Libby Connors 0429 487 110