Gladstone Ports Corporation over the limit again

The Queensland Greens state that evidence on the Gladstone Ports Corporation website indicates that turbidity in the harbour has been above the licensed level for over three days and that it is time that DERM issued an Environmental Protection Order [EPO].

“Turbidity has been above the 99th percentile at the QE4 monitoring point for over three days.

“That’s at least a day beyond the port’s dredging licence,” Queensland Greens spokesperson and candidate for Yeerongpilly Libby Connors pointed out today.

Although the massive cutter suction dredge has been stopped since late February, several smaller dredges are still operating. Astonishing satellite images which were presented at a public meeting hosted by the Greens in Gladstone last Thursday showed the plume of sediment spreading from the new terminal’s bund wall.

“This contradicts statements made by Environment Minister Vicky Darling on ABC radio last night,” Libby Connors said.

“The Greens meeting also heard detailed evidence from Dr Andrew Jeremijenko about how aluminium and other pollutants bound to the sediment can damage fish gills and contributes to the environmental collapse seen in Gladstone harbour.

“It is irrelevant to the marine life of the harbour as to whether the sediments were stirred up by spring tides or by dredging.

“The reality is that dredging aggravates turbid conditions and DERM must enforce the provisions of its own environmental licence.”

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Libby Connors is state spokesperson and candidate for Yeerongpilly