Greens’ candidate vows to become local Erin Brokovich

Jo Bragg, the Greens’ candidate for South Brisbane vows to become the Queensland equivalent of the famous environmental warrior from the US, Erin Brockovich, if elected on Saturday.

Ms Brockovich, made famous in the movie bearing her name and starring Julia Roberts, was largely responsible for the legal win in a case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company in California in 1993.

Ms Bragg, a lawyer with specialist planning and environmental expertise, already has an impressive record of test case wins. She committed to fight fiercely against environmental damage caused by things the LNP and ALP have promoted and will continue to support.

“The ALP for years promoted mining in Queensland regardless of the urgent need to protect agricultural land and tourism in this state,” Ms Bragg said.

“The ultra-conservative LNP now considers it has a mandate to destroy much-loved agricultural and bush land, waterways and wildlife habitats that are not effectively protected.

“ If I am elected on Saturday I will propose changes to the Sustainable Planning Act, the Vegetation Management Act and the Water Act to effectively protect and restore waterways, nature corridors, and bushland areas. I'll stand up for communities near mines affected by unhealthy coal dust. I'd also stand up for effective enforcement of vegetation laws across the whole state to protect koalas and flying foxes that are so important to biodiversity.

She said the ALP had controversially allowed inner city rainforest at Highgate Hill in the South Brisbane electorate to be cleared for luxury housing. Valuable remaining patches of bush in this electorate, such as rehabilitated creek banks behind Greenslopes Private Hospital, are threatened by transport infrastructure, she said.

"Norman Creek flows from Greenslopes to East Brisbane in the South Brisbane electorate, partly through concrete drains. I will advocate for more resources to transform and restore that creek and surrounding bushland.

"I am a lawyer with 20 years experience and planning and environmental expertise. I also respect and care for the community. I would become the local Erin Brokovich."



Jo Bragg
Greens Candidate for South Brisbane

What the Greens stand for:
*  Bringing balance to an LNP dominated Parliament.
*  A more liveable Southside with thoughtful planning and controls on development and protection of parks and schools.
*  A diverse economy, including tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and mining, not just a quarry
*  A green future for Queensland  with long term vision over short term gain, clean renewable energy and strong communities
*  A ban on donations from developers and more accountability and integrity.