Greens call for fiscal restraint in final week

At the start of the final week of the election campaign, the Greens are urging all parties to resist the urge to make big spending commitments in a last ditch attempt to buy votes.

‘It’s customary at this stage of a campaign for all parties to dig deep into the public purse and start throwing fistfuls of money to lock in their preferred electoral outcome,’ said Queensland Greens lead candidate and candidate for Mt Coot-tha, Adam Stone.

‘Particularly amongst the big parties, once one starts the other feels they need to keep pace.’

‘With the public concerned about the State’s finances, can we all please agree to give the election auctioneering a miss this time?  Public spending priorities should be decided dispassionately on the basis of coherent planning, not locked in recklessly at the height of election fever.’

‘In the final week, the Greens will retain the discipline we have exercised throughout the campaign.  We will identify how we will fund all of our campaign commitments as we announce them.’

‘And we have managed this while barely touching the $600 million windfall in GST revenue that the Commonwealth Grants Commission is sending our way.  We committed a mere $22 million of that to fund the active transport proposals we launched yesterday, and by the end of this week the vast bulk of it will still be available to pay down State debt.’

‘Contrast that with the ALP, who have blown half of this money funding a rego freeze to further subsidise driving, and the LNP, who have yet to tell us how they will fund any of their promises.’


For further information contact Adam Stone on 0417 629 852 or James Higgins on 0431 274 125