Greens candidates and policies best for workers

Queensland Greens lead candidate Adam Stone has told the biggest industrial relations debate of the election campaign that the Greens are now clearly the party which best defends and promotes the rights of workers and unions.

Speaking at a forum at Parliament House organised by the Queensland Council of Unions, Mr Stone said his party’s responses to the union movement’s Charter for Working Queenslanders clearly showed that the Greens now had the strongest policies when it came to protecting the rights and conditions of workers and promoting the positive social and economic role played by union members and organisations.

Mt Stone warned those present at the forum to look beyond promises and platitudes and check out the actual record of the other parties.

“Queenslanders must not repeat the mistakes of voters in southern states. In both New South Wales and Victoria, despite soothing words before the election, the Liberal/National Parties moved quickly after they won government to wind back the entitlements and job security of workers.

“The Liberal National Party is still the party of Workchoices, and last time it was in government in Queensland it launched an attack on workers’ rights and entitlements under then Minister Santo Santoro.”

“Of course the Katter party’s two existing MPs came from the Liberal National Party, and Bob Katter himself was a Minister in one of the most vehemently anti-union governments in Queensland’s history – demonstrated most notoriously in the extreme and unjust attacks on SEQEB workers in the 1980s.

Andy Grodecki, Greens candidate for Beaudesert and State Delegate of the Together union agrees that “Many Queensland workers have had enough of the ALP, their broken promises on issues like privatisation and not looking after the interests of the 97% of workers that are not in the mining industry. The ALP is now about protecting the interests of mining companies and developers, not workers and rural communities. The Greens are now the workers party and the only way to ensure unions are protected is by switching your vote from Labor to Greens. 

Greens candidates around the state have pledged support for the Charter for Working Queenslanders and will work to hold other parties to account for their failure to promote and protect these basic economic and social rights and freedoms. See attachment of Greens candidate for Beaudesert  "Andy Grodecki strong advocate for Charter for Working Qld" response to QCU Charter for Working Queensland.