Greens welcome Great Barrier Reef poll: call on old parties for action

Adam Stone, lead candidate for The Greens and candidate for Mount Coot-tha, welcomed Galaxy Poll results that suggested that 91% of Australians oppose the Federal Government’s approvals to dump dredged waste from coal port terminals in the Great Barrier Reef world heritage area.

“Dredging harbours and dumping the waste on the reef threatens the UNESCO-listed landmark and threatens the 68,000 jobs which are dependent on the reef,” Adam Stone said.

“This poll suggests what The Greens have been saying for a long time; the environmental health of the reef is connected to the economic well-being of the surrounding communities, and Queenslanders want to ensure the reef is protected. 

“With the UNESCO delegation in Australia, now is a timely opportunity to remind the old parties at all levels of government of the natural value of the reef, and the economic benefits of tourism and related industries to Queenslanders.

“The Greens are the only party standing up for the small businesses whose livelihoods are dependent on a clean and healthy reef, which brings in 6 billion dollars annually to our bottom line.  The old parties seem to put big mining companies’ interests first.

“The first thing the Queensland Government can do to stop this dumping is suspend dredging in Gladstone Harbour and direct Gladstone Ports Corporation to find a better solution for any remaining spoils.  But more importantly, if Queenslanders want the environment to be properly considered in all government decisions, we need Greens in the State Parliament.

“If Queenslanders want their politicians to stand up for the health of the Great Barrier Reef, they have a clear choice on election day: vote Green.”


For further information, please contact Adam Stone on 0417 629 852 or James Higgins (Campaign Coordinator) on 0431 274 125.

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