How low can they go?

The Gold Coast Greens have strongly denounced the Katter Party’s controversial advertising strategy as sullying political debate in Australia, causing pain to members of the community, and inciting hatred.

Branch Convenor and Albert Candidate, Petrina Maizey said, “When Tony Abbott stood beside the infamous ‘Ditch the Witch’ sign, whipping the loud but uninformed anti-carbon tax rally into a frenzy outside Parliament House, most advanced Gold Coasters probably thought politics had sunk to rock bottom. But we were wrong.

“It appears Queensland can trump that national sexism low by playing the homophobia card with the Katter Australia Party’s tv ad outing Campbell Newman’s support for gay marriage.

“However, besides asking ‘So, what?’, sensible people won’t see much triumph in striking new lows. It’s anyone’s guess whom the apparently bottomless stream of trivia, mud, propaganda and now vilification this KAP-yap is aimed at, but with serious environmental, social and economic challenges to deal with, the Gold Coast Greens have far more important and respectful things to say to our voters,” Ms Maizey said.

“We invite the enormous proportion of Gold Coast conservative voters who remain intelligent, tolerant, and, especially, courteous human beings to consider voting clean and Green, where hope continues to triumph over hate.”


Petrina Maizey: Gold Coast Greens Convenor;  Albert Greens Candidate; 0412 771 935