LNP’s desertion of integrity commitments speaks volumes

Tony Fitzgerald QC commented in 2009 that ‘Neither side of politics is interested in these [government integrity and accountability] issues except for short-term political advantage as each enjoys or plots impatiently for its turn at the privileges and opportunities which accompany power.’

‘Mr Fitzgerald’s assessment seems as true today as it was in 2009, given the LNP’s decision to walk away from 90 pages of commitments to improve standards of government accountability now that it has become clear that they will breeze into government with an overwhelming majority,’ said Queensland Greens lead candidate and candidate for Mt Coot-tha, Adam Stone.

‘The public should be concerned about the intentions of a party that is unwilling to commit itself to such basic standards as truth in advertising.’

‘Fiddling around with the structure of government departments is insignificant window dressing.’

‘Some of the substantive changes that are needed have already been outlined by the Greens, and include

·      Senior public servants, public officials, and board members of government-owned corporations to be appointed on merit by the Public Service Commission, not hired and fired at the whim of the incumbent government;

·      Some firm restrictions on Ministers and senior public servants working in areas of former responsibility when they leave the public sector;

·      Tightening up the restrictions on former Ministers lobbying, so they are also prevented from advising lobbying firms.’

‘We have already secured commitments from both old parties to faster online disclosure of political donations, and the Greens support the LNP’s intention to reverse the 2009 ALP decision to de-criminalise lying to Parliament.’

‘But much more is needed if we want to begin restoring public confidence in politicians and public administration.’


For further information contact Adam Stone on 0417 629 852 or James Higgins on 0431 274 125

For background on LNP dumping integrity commitments, see http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/lnp-dumps-election-pledge/story-fnbt5t29-1226303331683

For Tony Fitzgerald's 2009 quote, see http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/queensland-has-forgotten-corruption-lessons-tony-fitzgerald-qc-says/story-0-1225755725167