Newman and Seeney will destroy iconic places and Queensland tourism with it

 The Queensland Greens state that Campbell Newman's comments this afternoon on the Galilee Basin and on the reef are a breach of election promises as well as seeking to wind back the political clock to a previous era.

State spokesperson Libby Connors responded to comments made by the Premier this afternoon about expediting coal mining in the Galilee Basin and attacking UNESCO’s investigation of harm to the World Heritage Area of the Great Barrier Reef.

“Campbell Newman promised that he would protect places of special environmental significance from mining. He also promised state planning to protect agricultural lands.

“Now he is urging the fast-tracking of the Galilee Basin rather than putting mining and non-mining planning zones into effect.

“If he wishes to fast-track the Galilee Basin why has he not acted to protect Bimblebox Nature Refuge first?

“It appears his promise to rural communities was designed to be flouted in favour of LNP donor Clive Palmer, who has coal-mining leases in the Galilee Basin.

“How could the federal government take Newman’s claims about administration of the Environment Protection and Conservation of Biodiversity Act seriously given this brief appalling record?

“The Bimblebox Nature Refuge is home to the endangered Black-Throated Finch which is recognised as endangered by Federal, Queensland and New South Wales governments.

“Campbell Newman has said nothing to indicate any responsible action to protect the finch from the ravages of Clive Palmer’s mine despite promising to protect special environmental places.”

Dr Connors who in professional life is an Australian historian said the Premier’s comments hearkened back to a previous era when the economic value of our special environment was completely ignored.

“The notion that in Queensland politics you can just attack “greenies” and the UN shows a distressing ignorance of Queensland’s international environmental and economic reputation.

“Our tourism sector relies on our international reputation for protecting
our special places.

“If Mr Newman wants to cut green tape, he just needs to say no to projects that harm our endangered species and harm our reef.

“His use of anti-bureaucratic and anti-UN rhetoric is insulting given he promised the electorate that he was going to manage the coal and gas rush through better environmental management.

“He should stop treating Queenslanders as ignorant backwoods people from the Joh days.”

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