No objectivity for Landholders from this Gasfields Commission

The Queensland Greens have expressed disappointment over the appointments to the Gasfields Commission. 

‘Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney promised a commission to provide independent assessment of the needs of landholders, regional communities and the CSG industry but we have been presented with a commission that is weighted totally in favour of csg,’ State spokesperson Dr Libby Connors said. 

‘The chairman, John Cotter, has a public record of favouring the industry. 

‘Then we have two past and present mayors in Dale Stiller and Ray Brown who are also widely known for their support of csg development in their regions. 

‘The Toowoomba representative, Shane Charles, is CEO of Toowoomba & Surat Basin Enterprise whose position requires him to attract infrastructure development to the region. 

‘With Rick Wilkinson from the Australian Petroleum and Exploration Association we have five commissioners who will be advocates for csg. 

‘Jeff Seeney made his pro-coal seam gas position clear during the election campaign but local LNP members Howard Hobbes and Ray Hopper raised their concerns about gas development on farmlands.

 'Hobbes, Hopper and LNP voters from the Darling Downs have been totally sold out by this farce of a regulatory body.’ 



Contact: Libby Connors 0429 487 110