Old parties fail to rein in CSG for Queensland

The Labor, Liberal and National parties have again failed to commit to action on risky coal seam gas mining, voting down a second Greens motion for a moratorium on CSG two days before the Queensland state elections.

“The Greens want to secure a better future for Queensland, a safer future with some protection for our good food-producing land, our water and our environment from the dangers posed by the runaway CSG industry,” Australian Greens mining spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said.

“But the old parties have shown once again today that the money and influence of mining magnates like Clive Palmer matter far more to them than the 67 per cent of Queenslanders who don’t support the thousands of CSG wells rolling out across the state.

“Queenslanders want change, but the ALP and the LNP are simply offering more of the same – more coal seam gas, more fossil fuel exports and more backing for the mining giants riding roughshod over our farmers and rural communities.

“The Greens are the only party to take action against CSG in the Australian Parliament – in addition to today’s motion for a moratorium, my bill to give farmers the right to lock the gate to coal seam gas will be debated in the Senate.

“Queenslanders have a clear choice this Saturday, and it’s not between the two old parties. For real vision for a sustainable, food-producing future and a balanced economy, Queenslanders should vote Green this Saturday.”



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