In this blog I have covered two issues- the first is the attached Media Release on the Ipswich and Lockyer Branch recommendations for preferencing on our How-To-Vote cards.

The second is an attached report by Trevor Berrill’s and its analyses of all parties' energy policies.   It is not the full study of subsidies, but contains a distilled statement of his findings on that matter. Which I feel works as a suitable example of the policies of all the parties at the upcoming elections and the decisions we as voters face.
Of interest to anyone living in the Ipswich West Region is also the analysis of the Felton example- as we are also hosting the current building of a Coal to Liquids Plant. (at Stone Quarry Rd, Jeebropilly)

As an environmental issue and an aside to the above.---

Something else of interest.  Henry Thoreau’s meticulous natural history observations at Walden Pond has provided some important evidence for the effects of climate change on vegetation in North America.  His notes have recently been reviewed (again), and there is evidence for substantial changes in flowering times between Thoreau’s days and present.  Also, more than half of the orchids in the state where he lived have become extinct, with probable cause being change in spring arrival times.

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