Premier's hair-brained plan for ambulances will cost Queensland communities

The Queensland Greens called on the Premier, Campbell Newman, to assure Queenslanders that the ambulance and fire services would be expanded to protect all communities in the cities and regions.

Greens spokesperson, Dr Jim McDonald, said that every community should have 24 hour access to ambulance and fire services. The LNP Government would be failing in its duty to Queensland to allow the services to wither away because of the Premier's obsession with budget surplus.

“Ambulance officers and firefightgers are being pushed to the limit as a result of poor planning and diminishing numbers while the Premier comes up with hair-brained schemes to slash spending across all services.

“His latest thought bubble is to transfer ambulance services to the hospitals when the Health system has been in crisis for years, struggling with poor Ministerial governance and the rapid growth in Queensland's population.

“Mr Newman does not explain how casting off the ambulance service to hospitals will improve the problem of ambulances having to bypass hospitals and the amount of time they are held up on the ramps outside Emergency Departments.

“He says it is not about costs. But Mr Newman's primary objective is to reduce expenditure on services in the community. This will cost the taxpayer more in the long run not only in the budget but in the quality of Queenslanders' lives. Ambulance officers and firefighters are key personnel in protecting Queensland residents.

“The problem is a simplistic view of Government responsibility. The Premier, like his federal colleagues in Opposition confuses microeconomics and macroeconomics. Any first year economics student could tell you that running the State is not like running a business or a household.

“Equating the State budget with household finances is bad politics and worse economics.

“The Premier is taking every chance to miss opportunities to improve service delivery to the Queensland taxpayer.”


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