Preserving Springbrook Gains

The Gold Coast Greens welcome the exciting conservation and environmental news after the Springbrook discovery of five threatened species of which two rare frog species thought to be extinct have been identified, declaring the mountain’s conservation buy-back program a welcome demonstration of Labor’s adoption of green environmental strategies.

Veteran conservation lobbyist and Mudgeeraba Greens Candidate Sally Spain said, “These wonderful finds are not only proof positive of the effectiveness of environmental and conservation strategies to preserve Springbrook’s World Heritage values, but justify ongoing effort to increase the protected estate on the mountain.”

Ms Spain acknowledged that Springbrook’s ALP land buyback program attracted much controversy because it was deeply misunderstood.

“This is a voluntary land purchase program only, but a few outspoken people like to give the impression that landowners are forced into selling. As with so many Gold Coast hotspots, an influential minority has their eye on Springbrook to develop this world treasure for their own gain, and spreading misinformation serves that end.”

Branch Convenor, Petrina Maizey asserted, “As March 24 approaches, the Greens re-state unequivocal commitment in action and spirit to fostering Springbrook’s World Heritage values, and call upon LNP, KAP and all parties to fully disclose their position on Springbrook conservation.

 “We recognise that Labor has shares some of our valuable eco-economic policies, like the Waste Levy, marine zones and the Federal carbon tax revenue funding clean industries, all of which the LNP will roll back,” Ms Maizey pointed out. “But the ALP needs to go much further, especially on mining and CSG issues devastating Queensland’s land and marine environments and threatening water and food security.”

Ms Spain concluded, “Voting 1 Green is more essential than ever, and careful placing of preferences will make the difference between further marvelous ecological rewards or the permanent loss of hard-won gains.”