Qld Greens pip other parties when it comes to including women

The Queensland Greens have pipped the other parties when it comes to nominating women as candidates for the state election.

Queensland Greens state spokesperson Libby Connors said today that the party was disappointed that they had not reached 50% for female candidates but that 37% women was better than any of the other parties.

“We do of course have 6 women out of 10 federal representatives so our record on preselecting women overall is excellent.

“We are also proud to have George Riley an Aboriginal Queenslander standing in the seat of Cook.

“We need a more representative state parliament  -our record of nominations shows that women and Aboriginal people have the courage to stand.

“The problem is an electoral system that does not do justice to Queensland’s diverse communities.”


Greens Total 89 candidates: 33 women, 56 men

ALP Total 89 candidates: 32 women, 57 men

LNP Total 89 candidates: 16 women, 73 men

Australian Party Total 76 candidates: 9 women, 67 men


Unofficial list drawn from ECQ website.

The Queensland Greens have achieved this high level of representation without any system of quotas.


Contact: Libby Connors 0429 487 110

Libby Connors is state spokesperson and candidate for Yeerongpilly