Qld: Townsville needs another hospital

Townsville Hospital is under pressure to cope with current demand, but with our rapidly expanding population, extra military personnel being deployed here and major industrial developments planned for the region, it is clear that more needs to be done to address the infrastructure needs of North Queensland’s capital.

For example in the event of a major industrial or military accident such as the Black Hawk helicopter tragedy, or the eventuality of a major cyclone hitting built up areas around Townsville, existing facilities at Townsville Hospital would be overwhelmed by such emergencies. Not all could be flown south in the event of such magnitude: they would have to be treated here.

"And for those reasons, if elected, I would fight for another hospital for Townsville, said Greens candidate for Townsville," Jenny Stirling.

"Previous state governments under Labor and National and Liberal Party coalitions made a terrible mistake in reducing the bed capacity of the new Townsville hospital when compared to the North Ward base hospital and the Kirwan Maternity Hospital, that it was designed to supercede."

“Since 600 beds was closed down and replaced by a 450 bed hospital, and with the growth and projected growth, if we don’t have adequate medical infrastructure, we are just being set up for second rate health outcomes.”

"While recognising the efforts of staff to service the community at a high standard of care, the reality remains that a different approach is needed than just adding to the overcrowding at the Douglas campus."

It’s an ongoing part of the Greens basic commitment to promoting urban, regional and rural health and well-being: better nutrition, better dental care and healthier lifestyles secured by preventative healthcare measures,” said Ms Stirling.


For further contact, please call Jenny Stirling on 04 244 39098