Springbrook miraculous event

Isn’t it great news that two rare frog species not seen for forty years have been discovered on Springbrook, the World Heritage jewel in the Gold Coast’s otherwise slipping crown?

Amid the economic gloom and political mudslinging occupying the headlines, this tiny article lost in the middle pages of the Bulletin Feb 16, 2012 must be joyous news for the stout-hearted, level-headed environmental battlers of the Gold Coast and beyond who have fought for full recognition of this unique area.  The discoveries are also uplifting for anyone who understands the far-reaching relevance of conservation.

The despair and wrangling of all those ‘bigger’ news stories are either directly or indirectly linked to our widespread failure to protect the natural environment which all our enterprise depends on, not only in relation to our economy and self-sustenance, but in relation to our ethical health.

Springbrook represents a win for at least two manifestations of life against alarming planet-wide biodiversity decline. That’s great news for the frogs, but the better news for us is that just here at least, we are managing to rise above our mindlessness, short-termism, even greed, to honour the magic of life, and to preserve what was never ours to destroy.

In allowing those two species the conditions to continue their evolutionary right, we have also climbed a small step towards our own evolution as human beings