Townsville: the solar city waiting for someone to turn the light on

“The potential of North Queensland has been ignored by the major parties for the last 40 years because of the shift to a service based economy. Now with the mining boom, Copperstring, another North Queensland project is struggling to overcome the major parties addiction to fossil fuels.

“Because of dangerous climate change, our future lies with renewable energy so why then are the major parties only interested in coal mining expansion and coal seam gas- in spite of the evidence that both are detrimental to the Great Barrier Reef, tourism, agriculture and water security?” asks Jenny Stirling, Greens candidate for Townsville.

“Copperstring, a renewable energy project which will secure green jobs, small business/manufacturing opportunities, and regional energy requirements, is floundering because state based politicians from both the major parties cannot see past cheap coal seam gas and coal as foundations for the state’s prosperity.”

Magnetic Island’s solar transformation sprang out of the Australian Government’s leading-edge Solar Cities program. Townsville is a loadstone for solar installation business and yet rumblings are heard that the LNP will do away with the feed- in tariff rebate, putting these small businesses at risk. The industry does not trust the LNP and for good reason: they do not want renewable energy to usurp coal.

“As your member for Townsville, I commit to Copperstring to secure all our futures in North Queensland.”


For further contact, please call Jenny Stirling on 04 244 39 098.