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Dear friends,

It is one year on from the Fukishima nuclear disaster and the forces that promote uranium mining in Queensland are silent during this election in the hope that resumption of uranium mining won't become a big election issue. See attached.

I believe that if the LNP win the election, and the polls are saying that they will, then we will see a resumption of uranium mining because it was the policy of the Queensland LNP in the last election and across Australia the mining of uranium is gathering momentum. 

And if mining is resumed, Ben Lomond may be re-opened as well as new mines at Mt Isa where BHP Billiton and Palladin have huge leases. And it will be exported through the Port of Townsville.

So Wednesday night, 14th March 6.45 pm upstairs at Birch, Carrol and Colye cinema in the city, the Greens, ALP  & the ETU will host a showing of the Dave Bradbury's documentary, "When the Dust Settles', which was commissioned by the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) to highlight the dangers of uranium mining. It is a fine peice of documentary making and I am told it is very entertaining.

We will have nibbles and there is seating for 200.

There will be 3 speakers: Jenny Stirling (Greens); Mark Harrison (ALP); David Sewell (local anti- uranium activist)

Come along, be better informed and inspired to show your colours when it comes to opposing uranium mining in Queensland.

And please forward this email and its attachment on to your like minded friends and colleagues across Townsville.

Jenny Stirling
Townsville Greens candidate

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