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Greens are the only party strong on fairness and integrity, and solutions. Being a candidate who does not live in the electorate is the subject of criticism, but I hope my reasoning will be accepted.

An urban dweller for more than two decades, I am not unfamiliar with outback areas and have a strong attachment to these parts of my country. I worked as a young man in outback NSW and as a teacher after I was married in Central Queensland. My wife and I drove through the northern parts of the Warrego electorate on our way to Alice Springs recently and both fell captive to the region’s incredible natural appeal.

I am standing for Warrego because I believe all Queenslanders should have the opportunity to hear about and vote for our informed and solution driven policies. Even if I have no real chance of winning the seat, a Greens percentage of any strength will send a message to Queensland Parliament that the people of Warrego are not fooled by the sloganeering and half-truths of both major parties, and that the Greens word of hope for the future is spreading.

Warrego’s diversity of industry and agriculture, as well as its iconic beauty and its remoteness and isolation are its attractions and challenges alike. Warrego also has real problems to face with climate change and environmental stressors. Although the Greens - a grassroots, volunteer, self-funded party - have never polled well here, we have never stopped thinking about regional needs, with consistent policies in health, education, innovations for agriculture, Indigenous issues, social diversity, protection of natural resources, even integrity in government.

We have retained a strong discipline of fully explaining, costing and funding our policies. This means that voters always know what we stand for, can trust that we have done our research on the problems and the solutions, and we don’t make promises we cannot keep.

The rural areas are vital to the survival of Queensland society as a whole, which is why Greens are calling for an immediate moratorium on the CSG industry right across the State. The mega industry will increase greenhouse gas emissions, sap jobs from other sectors including agriculture, and damage community life. Across Queensland, the expanded industry threatens our food security, as well as our biodiversity, our coasts and the Great Barrier Reef. It is clear that the scale of this industry, already underway, presents potentially catastrophic threats to our land in poisoning soils, air and water, and using excessive water. CSG threatens the livelihood of farmers and the Greens are speaking loudly for farmers in the busy streets of Queensland cities and suburbs.

We are a party of solutions, from equity of access issues like high quality health care provisions that conquer distance, or education support at primary, secondary, tertiary and training levels, to practical, sustainable economic solutions like fostering lucrative clean energy and efficiency industries to revitalize regional economies.

I encourage all Warrego voters to see for themselves what the Greens stand for by visiting our website: check out our policy pages.

I hope by my remote candidacy as a Green, I have been able to serve Warrego in a small way and further hope that one day a Warrego son or daughter will give you Greens representation in a very big way in Queensland Parliament.