A year on from Fukushima, only Greens offer certainty on uranium in Qld

Only the Greens offer Queensland an entirely consistent position on uranium mining and the nuclear industry.

‘The ALP says that they will retain Queensland’s uranium mining ban, but they permit exploration and federally they are looking to expand markets for Australian uranium,’ said Queensland Greens lead candidate and candidate for Mt Coot-tha, Adam Stone.

‘The LNP uses imprecise language to get around the issue without tying their hands – a hallmark of their campaign, it seems – saying only that they have “no plans for uranium mines in Queensland at this time”.  But they held such plans as recently as the last State election in 2009.’

‘Barry O’Farrell had no plans for uranium exploration in NSW before taking office, but he suddenly found himself with such plans when he was Premier.  If the LNP follow his playbook, the period in which they don’t hold plans for a Queensland uranium industry will be very fleeting indeed.’

The Greens, by contrast, are absolutely upfront and consistent on their policy.

‘We don’t support any stage of the uranium industry – uranium exploration, mining, trading, nuclear power or nuclear weapons.  We certainly don't want to see Australian uranium involved in the next Fukushima, as it was in the last.  It’s an expensive, toxic, dangerous and unnecessary industry.’

‘That’s the kind of unequivocal statement voters should insist upon from other political actors too.  Whatever your stance is, be clear about it, make your arguments, and put voters in a position where they can exercise an informed choice.’

‘There’s a fundamental issue of democratic principle involved.’



For more information contact Adam Stone on 0417 629 852 or James Higgins on 0431 274 125