Qld Environmentalists’ Frack Fact Finding Tour in USA

 Prominent Queensland Greens member Libby Connors and her husband, Drew Hutton, President of Lock the Gate Alliance will travel to the United States to help uncover adverse impacts of coal seam gas and shale gas mining. 

More families ill at coal seam gas fields

More families are falling ill at Queensland’s coal seam gas fields while the LNP government allows the industry to investigate itself, say the Queensland Greens. 

Queensland Greens spokesperson, Dr Libby Connors says 19 families at the Tara Residential Estate on the western Downs are experiencing serious health problems.

LNP allows Gladstone Ports to breach turbidity levels every day

Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) has blatantlyexceeded acceptable turbidity levels every day since the LNP Government gave it approval to dredge continuously, says Queensland Greens spokesperson, Dr Libby Connors.

Newman government hypocrisy on animal cruelty

The Queensland Greens say that the state government’s Animal Care and Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 which was introduced hastily on 19 June proves this government lacks respect for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and is hypocritical on animal care and protection. 

Military exercises in precious land and marine environment

The Queensland Greens are concerned that the latest military exercises at Shoalwater Bay could have harmful effects on the marine environment at Shoalwater Bay.   

Gladstone a muddy mess, again

 The Queensland Greens are calling on the Minister for the Environment and Heritage Protection, Andrew Powell, to re-visit the environmental licence conditions for the Western Basin Dredging and Disposal Project. 

Clive Palmer ignored solution to toxic water

Mining billionaire Clive Palmer ignored expert advice about how to remove toxic water from his North Queensland refinery, says Queensland Greens spokesperson Dr Libby Connors. 

Newman breaks another promise

The Queensland Greens have condemned the sudden cut to the state government’s feed-in tariff for household solar power.

‘This is the sort of on-the-run decision making that the Premier condemned the last government for,’ Queensland Greens spokesperson Dr Libby Connors said this afternoon. 

Reef is not Clive Palmer’s dumping ground

The Queensland Greens state that plans to dump millions of litres of nickel tailings from the Yabulu Nickel Refinery in Great Barrier Reef waters is unacceptable. 

Owner Clive Palmer is claiming the jobs of 1,000 of his employees should take precedence over the health of the reef. 

Say no to binge drilling

SAY NO TO BINGE DRILLING: Why sporting & community groups should say no to gas corporation sponsorship

Communities should oppose “binge drilling” just as they oppose binge drinking, say the Queensland Greens.