Greens Oppose Draconian Proposals For Queensland's Poorest

The State Government should not support proposed legislation aimed at harsh control over welfare recipients, say the Queensland Greens.

Quirk should negotiate with Musgrave Park community

The Queensland Greens have urged Lord Mayor Graham Quirk to resume negotiations with the Musgrave Park community who have established an Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy in the park grounds. 

The Aboriginal community fears that they will be forcibly removed after a Brisbane City Council officer informed them by phone that all negotiations were off this afternoon. 

‘The Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy supporters have been negotiating amicably with the Panyiri Festival organisers about using the park for the annual Greek celebration this weekend so it is disappointing to have the council foment confrontation in this way, ‘ Queensland Greens spokesperson Libby Connors said this evening. 

‘Council cannot deny Aboriginal people’s long use and identification with Musgrave Park.  It has been recognised as an Aboriginal place since the early foundations of the city of Brisbane.’ 

‘To not allow the Aboriginal community to conduct their negotiations with the Panyiri organisers without intimidation by council is inappropriate. 

‘The mayor cannot support multiculturalism and deny Aboriginal cultural connections to the Park.   

‘We Greens are concerned that Mayor Quirk’s paternalism is going to lead to a violent showdown in the lead up to one of the city’s most popular multicultural festivals.’

LNP mismanage Gladstone Harbour

A further discarding of two tonnes of diseased Gladstone fish by the Brisbane Raptis Fish Market confirms that the government is on the wrong course in its management of Gladstone Harbour. 

The local Gladstone fish market has been warning of the ongoing problems in the harbour for a year now.  It discarded 600 tonnes of diseased fish last September.

LNP should say no to bully-boy Clive Palmer

News that Clive Palmer’s China First mine is on a shaky financial footing should prompt Premier Newman to protect the interests of all Queenslanders, not just rich mining magnates.

CMC should decide what to investigate, not LNP

The Queensland Attorney-General should butt out of the runningof the Crime and Misconduct Commission, Greens spokesperson Libby Connors said today. 

Ms Connors was commenting on media statements by the Attorney-General, Jarrod Bleijie that investigations into organised crime should take precedence over official misconduct allegations. 

A mean-minded government: Qld Greens

The Queensland Greens claim that the past week has confirmed that the Newman government is likely to be worse than any of the Bjelke-Petersen administrations from 1968 to 1987. 

“The Bjelke-Petersen years were characterised by high employment and social conservatism,” Greens spokesperson Libby Connors said today. 

May Day rights for all, not just profits for multinationals: Qld Greens

As the state celebrates the winning of workers’ rights this May Day, the Queensland Greens remind governments that they represent the whole community, not just multinational companies.

Boom to Bust for Gladstone: Qld Greens

State and federal governments will contribute to a boom-bust scenario for Gladstone if they allow more gas plants there, say the Queensland Greens.

DEHP must release study

The Queensland Greens say that the environment movement is buzzing with rumours of suppression of a University of Queensland study on Gladstone Harbour by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. 

Chinchilla May Day should focus on csg social justice issues

This year’s Chinchilla May Day parade should focus on the traditional concerns of May Day especially working conditions and social justice issues that affect working people.

Greens spokesperson Libby Connors said that unfortunately this did not happen last year.