Qld Greens candidates say enough is enough for Oxley Creek

Three Queensland Greens candidates whose electorates border Oxley Creek have called for on the ground works to finally begin healing Oxley Creek.

NSW MP to visit site for increased coal freight through Brisbane suburbs

Time: 2.30 pm Friday 2 March

Place: Ipswich Rd Moorooka, near Moorooka train station. Electorate of Yeerongpilly


Greens Member of the Legislative Council of New South Wales, Jeremy Buckingham & Greens candidate for Yeerongpilly Libby Connors


Qld Cross River Rail for passengers not coal

The Greens Candidate for Yeerongpilly Libby Connors today warned that the Cross River Rail project could be used to facilitate further coal development in Southern Queensland and bring coal hazards into the electorate’s leafy suburbs.

Qld Greens launch Integrity in Government policy

 The Queensland Greens invited NSW state MP Jeremy Buckingham to launch their Integrity in Government policy today.

State spokesperson and candidate for Yeerongpilly Libby Connors said she was delighted to host Jeremy’s visit to Queensland and to assist him in launching the policy.

Qld Premier's Green Corridor to be cut by gas pipelines and coal trucks

The Queensland Greens say that conservation agreements with farmers to create a green corridor are a wonderful idea but dismissed the Premier's pledge to protect biodiversity today as extraordinary hypocrisy.

Qld Greens pip other parties when it comes to including women

The Queensland Greens have pipped the other parties when it comes to nominating women as candidates for the state election.

Queensland Greens state spokesperson Libby Connors said today that the party was disappointed that they had not reached 50% for female candidates but that 37% women was better than any of the other parties.

Qld Reef dump plan proves Bligh Government's environmental failure

 The Queensland Greens say that the latest announcement by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority of plans for coal port developers to dump spoil on the reef is proof that the Bligh Government is at best incompetent and at worst deliberately deceitful when it comes to its environmental record.

Qld Treasurer does not want to face the figures

The Queensland Greens say that two news items today indicate Treasurer Andrew Fraser does not want to confront the reality of massive costs to Queenslanders from coal and gas.

“It is understandable why he wants to put his head in the sand over environmental costs,” Queensland Greens state spokesperson Libby Connors said today.

Both major parties to continue their sell off plans public assets

The Queensland Greens claim that Campbell Newman is continuing to mislead the public over his privatisation agenda.

“Mr Newman says he is just going to sell off government shares in QR National.

Newman's failure to support CrossRiver Rail is bad news for residents of Yeerongpilly

Queensland Greens candidate for Yeerongpilly and state spokesperson Libby Connors has responded to Campbell Newman’s refusal to endorse the Cross River Rail project.

“Mr Newman seems to be unaware of the extensive consultation that has gone into development of the project already.