Greens condemn Tim Nicholls' disgraceful attack on Queensland's solar users

The Queensland Greens have labelled the state Treasurer, Tim Nicholls, as "pathetic" for his cowardly attacks on the many thousands of Queenslanders who use solar energy.

Greens are safest choice in fight against LNP's privatisation con

The Queensland Greens say the state government's budget has ignored the environment and gives no guarantee that key services will not be 

LNP electoral reforms put donations ahead of cleaner politics

Greens Convener Andrew Bartlett has condemned the Queensland LNP Government's changes to the state's electoral laws.

QCoal & ICAC events show Newman must change direction on donations

The Queensland Greens have urged Premier Campbell Newman to change direction and tighten controls on political donations. The LNP government is planning to remove an existing cap on political donations and increase the size of anonymous donations allowed to over $12 000.

State government name calling while putting quality public health care at risk

The Queensland Greens say the state government is being immature and arrogant in manufacturing and mishandling the dispute with public hospital doctors.