Qld: Nationals fail to vote for own policy on coal seam gas

The new Nationals’ blueprint on coal seam gas has been abandoned after just 72 hours, as the Nationals didn’t show up for the vote on the Greens motion backing their first policy principle.

Qld: Australians outraged at Great Barrier Reef destruction

Larissa Waters Profile pic The Australians Greens will today introduce an urgent motion into the Senate to suspend all dredging activity in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area, following the widespread public condemnation of the damage caused by coal and gas development in the Reef exposed by Four Corners last night.

“19,000 people have signed the GetUp! petition to save the Great Barrier Reef in less than 12 hours,” Australian Greens spokesperson for the environment Senator Larissa Waters said.

“Australians are absolutely horrified by what the coal and gas industries have been allowed to do to this international treasure.

Greens critical of Nationals’ half-hearted policy attempt on CSG

Greens candidate for the Clarence by-election, Janet Cavanaugh, today responded to the Nationals’ blueprint for coal seam gas mining, calling it a half-hearted attempt at policy development which may never influence the NSW Government if it is not adopted by the Liberal Party.

Qld: Great Barrier Reef being dredged to death

The inadequate environmental safeguards put in place by the Government when it approved the mass dredging program for Gladstone harbour abutting the Great Barrier Reef were further revealed today in Senate Question Time by Australian Greens spokesperson for the environment Senator Larissa Waters.

Qld: Old parties damn Cape York crab and shrimp to extinction

A newly discovered species of crab and freshwater shrimp, recently found in a small area next to a proposed bauxite mine site on Cape York, are set to be left unprotected by law as the Government today refused to fast-track its own commitment.

Qld - Mixed news for Queensland’s environment: Big Day for election campaign

Events during the past week have shown how desperate and out-of-touch both Labor and the LNP are on the issues that is set to define the next State election - the social and environmental impacts of mining.

Qld: Stop passing the buck on coal seam gas

Australian Greens spokesperson for mining Senator Larissa Waters today called for an end to the Federal Government’s handballing of responsibility for risky coal seam gas (CSG) mining and said it’s time to do the proper homework on the long-term impacts of CSG.

Qld: Greens act to protect water from coal seam gas

Australian Greens spokesperson for mining Senator Larissa Waters will introduce a bill into the Senate today to give protection to Australian water resources from mining, including coal seam gas.

Greens fight coal seam gas in Queensland

Greens fight coal seam gas