LNP’s desertion of integrity commitments speaks volumes

Tony Fitzgerald QC commented in 2009 that ‘Neither side of politics is interested in these [government integrity and accountability] issues except for short-term political advantage as each enjoys or plots impatiently for its turn at the privileges and opportunities which accompany power.’

CSG Sell Out by Katter, ALP and LNP

The ALP, LNP and Katter have sold out our farmers, coastal communities and businesses, our water and our planet.  Fortunately, the Greens are standing strong and sticking up for them. 

Qld Latest Labor mates allegation part of a pattern

The Queensland Greens claim that too many former government ministers have become rich after leaving parliament using government knowledge and influence.

The Queensland Greens were responding to the latest allegations that Jim Elder was working for Hancock Resources when the company purchased Queensland state forests during privatisation of government assets in 2010.

The Australian feels "No need to panic about global warming"

On Wednesday The Australian reprinted from the Wall Street Journal the now infamous Open Letter  “No Need to Panic About Global Warming”, prompting me to write the following  letter, but although t

Labor Behind the Eight-Ball

At the time of writing the Queensland Labor Party have yet to announce a candidate for Moggill.

"It is highly disappointing to see that Labor have not even had the gumption to seek to challenge the LNP", said Greens candidate Jake Schoermer in a statement.

Qld Labor-led corporation is out of control

Lobbying by the Gladstone Ports Corporation [GPC] to have the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage boundaries modified is a request to de-list Gladstone Harbour, according to the Queensland Greens.