Avoiding Animal Cruelty Is Not Arrogance: Greens to Katter

The Queensland Greens have rejected Bob Katter’s characterisation of calls for an end to the live animal export trade as “arrogance”.

What if environmentalists won?

See Lead Senate Canddidate Adam Stone's opinion piece in the Sunshine Coast Daily:-


Qld Government lacks credibility on climate change

Today’s report from the federal Climate Commission highlights the many risks and opportunities associated with climate change in Queensland, but there is little reason to believe that the Queensland Government has the capacity to manage them responsibly, say the Queensland Greens.


Queensland Premier Campbell Newman will be one of the Australian Greens’ greatest assets as the party pursues a second Queensland Senate seat, says the Greens’ lead Senate candidate, Adam Stone.

Australian Greens’ Leader, Christine Milne, and Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters officially announced Mr Stone’s candidacy in Brisbane today.

No concern for Gladstone Harbour, just more jobs for the boys

The Newman Government’s appointment of Mark Brodie – LNP donor, chair of the Lord Mayor’s Business Roundtable, whose son ran as an LNP candidate in the recent Council elections – to the board of Gladstone Ports Corporation exposes Mr Newman’s newfound concern for Gladstone Harbour as an opportunistic sham.

Bypassing stacked committees – LNP disregard for accountable governance worsens

The Queensland Greens have reacted with dismay to the Premier’s statement that he will bypass Parliamentary committeesin his haste to implement his legislative agenda, lamenting a missed opportunity to improve Queensland’s political culture.

Our unbalanced approach to mining in Queensland

The Queensland Greens have pointed to new analysis released today by The Australia Institute, in a report entitled Job creator or job destroyer: An analysis of the mining boom in Queensland, as further evidence of the problems caused by the unbalanced approach to mining that holds sway in Queensland.

LNP’s desertion of integrity commitments speaks volumes

Tony Fitzgerald QC commented in 2009 that ‘Neither side of politics is interested in these [government integrity and accountability] issues except for short-term political advantage as each enjoys or plots impatiently for its turn at the privileges and opportunities which accompany power.’

Greens call for fiscal restraint in final week

At the start of the final week of the election campaign, the Greens are urging all parties to resist the urge to make big spending commitments in a last ditch attempt to buy votes.

Wild Rivers protects pristine rivers and provides employment

The Queensland Greens have responded to Tony Abbott, Campbell Newman and the Pearsons’ campaigning on wild rivers in Ashgrove today by pointing out that many Cape traditional owners support the scheme as it protects their pristine river systems and provides jobs.