Greens helping farmers to sell direct in Maranoa

The Australian Greens have announced an $85 million plan to help farmers bypass the big two supermarkets and sell direct to local consumers.

Greens plan to cut farm power bills in Maranoa with clean energy

 The Greens’ plan to lower farm energy bills would greatly help farmers in the Maranoa electorate, says Greens’ local candidate for the Federal election, Grant Newson.

Fears For National Park

Greens candidate for Maranoa Grant Newson is concerned that areas which have been clear-felled inside the boundaries of the Bunya Mountains National Park could be earmarked for future development.

Mr Newson has posted screenshots taken from Google Earth on his Facebook page which show forested areas that have been logged inside the park since 2006.

Greens in Maranoa push for the truth about solar energy

Greens in Maranoa push for the truth about solar energy

Greens Dismiss PUP Candidate in Maranoa

Greens candidate for Maranoa Grant Newson has dismissed the news of the Palmer United Party standing a candidate for the seat.

“Family friend or not of Clive, John (Bjelke-Petersen) is just not up to the task,” Mr Newson told today.

Greens Oppose Asset Sales

Greens candidate for Maranoa Grant Newson attended a public forum in Kingaroy on Monday night to voice his opposition to the sale of public assets by the State Government.

The forum, which was held on the eve of the release of Commission of Audit report, outlined the possible consequences of selling off Queensland’s public assets such as the electricity grid.

CSG invasion on the Darling Downs

The Greens Federal candidates for Maranoa - Grant Newson and Groom - Trevor Smith attended, and Queensland Greens lead Senate candidate Adam Stone spoke at, a rally of land owners threatened by Arrow Energy Coal Seam Gas industry at Nangwee Saturday.

Coal dust impacts must be stopped

The Greens Federal Candidate for Maranoa, Mr Grant Newson would like to see inquiries to be conducted within towns affected by coal trains within his electorate. 

Park Sale ‘Disgraceful’

Residents of Kingaroy and the South Burnett should be seriously alarmed at how easily a public park can be sold off regardless of the massive disapproval of ratepayers, Greens Candidate for Maranoa Grant Newson said today.

Mining under LNP undermining Abbott

The Queensland Greens say more needs to be done to protect residents and farmers from the impacts of coal seam gas and large coal mines, despite some Federal Government future safeguards.