State government name calling while putting quality public health care at risk

The Queensland Greens say the state government is being immature and arrogant in manufacturing and mishandling the dispute with public hospital doctors.

CSG invasion on the Darling Downs

The Greens Federal candidates for Maranoa - Grant Newson and Groom - Trevor Smith attended, and Queensland Greens lead Senate candidate Adam Stone spoke at, a rally of land owners threatened by Arrow Energy Coal Seam Gas industry at Nangwee Saturday.

Coal dust impacts must be stopped

The Greens Federal Candidate for Maranoa, Mr Grant Newson would like to see inquiries to be conducted within towns affected by coal trains within his electorate. 

Mining under LNP undermining Abbott

The Queensland Greens say more needs to be done to protect residents and farmers from the impacts of coal seam gas and large coal mines, despite some Federal Government future safeguards.

Greens calls on Mr Bruce Scott to stand up for the community

The Greens candidate for Maranoa Mr Grant Newson presented Lock The Gate Alliance’s ‘Our Call to Country

Greens and Unions Combine in Kingaroy

Greens Candidate for Maranoa Mr Grant Newson held a protest to greet the Qld Premier and his Ministers as they attended a Civic Function then a Cabinet meeting in Kingaroy in the South Burnett on Monday and Tuesday. 

Cuts to Palliative Care Beds at Canossa a sign of things to come

Palliative care is one of the failures of Queensland Health under Labor.

Qld Greens lodge formal coal wagons complaint by residents

Greens Candidate for South Brisbane, Ms. Jo Bragg,  spoke with residents affected by dust or noise from uncovered coal wagons on Saturday 10 March and Sunday 11 March. 

Ms. Jo Bragg said,

Why I am asking for your vote – Candidate response to Boonah & District Leader Question

Why I am asking for your vote – Candidate response to Boonah & District LeaderQuestion

As your member for Beaudesert and with the Greens with the balance of power, I want to develop a Queensland economy that is diverse and resilient and protects our way of life over the long term.

Serious preventative health initiatives key to a healthy Queensland

As a person who has spent nearly 30 years working on health research, including Parkinson's disease, stroke and other movement disorders, as well as cardiac rehabilitation and exercise for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease, I'm especially proud of the health initatives t