Greens back former LNP Member’s Call for Donation Transparency, Will Campaign to Restore Integrity to Queensland Politics

“The Greens have a strong record of campaigning for greater government transparency welcome Chris Davis's continued calls for greater transparency when it comes to fundraising activities by political parties,” said Jake Schoermer, the Greens Candidate for Indooroopilly.

Greens Call for Common Sense on Public Transport

Greens candidate for Indooroopilly Jake Schoermer has called on the Queensland government to abandon its wasteful and punitive Tertiary Transport concessionary card.

At a rally against the TTC today  in the Brisbane CBD, Mr Schoermer promised, if elected, to work to abolish the TTC within parliament.

Greens condemn Tim Nicholls' disgraceful attack on Queensland's solar users

The Queensland Greens have labelled the state Treasurer, Tim Nicholls, as "pathetic" for his cowardly attacks on the many thousands of Queenslanders who use solar energy.

LNP can't be trusted on privatisation

The Queensland Greens have slammed the LNP’s moves to sell down its stake of QR National, calling them hypocrites on privatisation.

Nepotism is not the big issue, politicising the Public Service is

The Queensland Greens say that the circumstances that have been revealed by the Courier Mail regarding a former public servant, who was the daughter of a minister, do not in themselves add up to nepotism.  Regardless, the continued controversies surrounding the Newman government’s hiring policies are denting confidence in the impartiality and independence of our public institutions.<

Greens alarmed at Campbell Newman's 100 days back to the future

The first 100 days of Campbell Newman's Premiership have been a disaster for Queensland's future according to the Queensland Greens.

On the 100th day of taking over responsibility for governing the State and all its features and assests, Premier Newman's success on the big issues can be judged as turbidity levels rise again in Gladstone Harbour.

Queensland Greens spokesperson, Dr Jim McDonald, said that it's not just inaction on environmental damage that is wrecking the fishing industry in Gladstone marking the first hundred days. Mr Newman has also deliberately killed off the immediate future for renewable energy in Queensland.

Minister's obsession on “green tape” sends the wrong message to business

The Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection, Andrew Powell is more interested in a “blame game” approach to businesses' environmental requirements instead of encouraging business to engage with the emerging economy, according to the Queensland Greens.

Greens accuse Newman Government of Work Choices agenda

The Greens accuse the Newman Government of preparing to launch an attack of Work Choices proportions on working conditions.

Greens spokesperson, Dr Jim McDonald, said that the Queensland Council of Unions could gain from closer cooperation with The Greens following the announcement by the LNP Government to change the State's industrial relations system.

Bypassing stacked committees – LNP disregard for accountable governance worsens

The Queensland Greens have reacted with dismay to the Premier’s statement that he will bypass Parliamentary committeesin his haste to implement his legislative agenda, lamenting a missed opportunity to improve Queensland’s political culture.

CMC should decide what to investigate, not LNP

The Queensland Attorney-General should butt out of the runningof the Crime and Misconduct Commission, Greens spokesperson Libby Connors said today. 

Ms Connors was commenting on media statements by the Attorney-General, Jarrod Bleijie that investigations into organised crime should take precedence over official misconduct allegations.