Greens: vote for marriage equality on June 6, or on Sept 14

Queensland Greens lead Senate candidate, Adam Stone, will address a rally today and warn the major parties to vote in favour of a Greens marriage equality bill in the House of Representatives on June 6 or face the wrath of voters on September 14.

Katter’s anti-gay ad insulting to Queenslanders: Greens

The anti-gay marriage advertisement by Katter’s Australian Party again shows how out of touch the new party is toward the views of ordinary Queenslanders, the Australian Greens said today.

“The party’s latest ad is an insult to Queenslanders,” Greens’ marriage equality spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said today in Ashgrove.

Katter Party & LNP join forces to promise repeal of civil unions

As gay couples flock to Noosa for the Mardi Gras Recovery Week, they won't be welcomed by the LNP member, Glen Elmes, or the Katter Party candidate, Bob Jarvis.

The Greens candidate for Noosa, Jim McDonald, said that both Mr Elmes's party and the Katter Party have promised to repeal legislation legalising civil unions for gay couples if they get the numbers.