Federal Election Campaign Organiser for QLD Fulltime

The Queensland Greens are seeking a Campaign Organiser to play a key role in the upcoming 2013 federal election campaign. The successful candidate will be highly motivated with energy, initiative and a passion for progressive politics and values.

The position will ideally commence immediately and work through until two weeks after the Federal Election.

Nepotism is not the big issue, politicising the Public Service is

The Queensland Greens say that the circumstances that have been revealed by the Courier Mail regarding a former public servant, who was the daughter of a minister, do not in themselves add up to nepotism.  Regardless, the continued controversies surrounding the Newman government’s hiring policies are denting confidence in the impartiality and independence of our public institutions.<

New Environment Minister fails on World Environment Day

The Queensland Greens claim that plans by Minister for Environment and Heritage, Andrew Powell, to devolve Federal government responsibility for environmental regulation to the States is bad administration and proof the LNP do not understand the principles of good government.

Bypassing stacked committees – LNP disregard for accountable governance worsens

The Queensland Greens have reacted with dismay to the Premier’s statement that he will bypass Parliamentary committeesin his haste to implement his legislative agenda, lamenting a missed opportunity to improve Queensland’s political culture.

Overloaded opposition yet another blow to parliamentary accountability in Qld

Greens offer energy, principles and fresh thinking

Greens announce team for BCC elections: Bartlett for Brisbane Lord Mayor

The Queensland Greens have announced a team of candidates to take on the Liberal National Party administration in next month’s Brisbane City Council elections, with former Senator Andrew Bartlett running as the party’s candidate for Lord Mayor.

Western Times questionaire


1.     What was your motivation for nominating for the state seat of Warrego this year?

(maximum 50wds)

Billionaires’ mining boom damaging Queensland

The mining boom driven by billionaire magnates like Clive Palmer is weakening the economy and damaging regional communities and the environment, but the old parties don’t want to know as they are likely to block a Greens motion deferred to tomorrow to assess the real costs of the mining boom to Queensland.

Greens call for fiscal restraint in final week

At the start of the final week of the election campaign, the Greens are urging all parties to resist the urge to make big spending commitments in a last ditch attempt to buy votes.

Qld Greens Preferences

The Greens announced today that they will not be preferencing either major party in 88 electorates across the State.  The Greens how-to-vote cards will encourage voters to vote 1 for the Greens, and number any other boxes if they believe any other party has earned their preference.