Queensland: The Part Time Story

The Greens are alarmed by the recent report by the Queensland Council of Unions into Insecure Work as part of the Industrial landscape, says Jenny Stirling, Greens Candidate for Townsville

Qld: Townsville needs another hospital

Townsville Hospital is under pressure to cope with current demand, but with our rapidly expanding population, extra military personnel being deployed here and major industrial developments planned for the region, it is clear that more needs to be done to address the infrastructure needs of North Queensland’s capital.

Qld: Resumption of Uranium mining in Qld?

The ALP's decision last weekend to support uranium sales to India represent a huge break with its core constituency to only supply yellow cake to those countries which have signed up to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, with Labor ministers such as Doug Cameron, Anthony Albanese and Peter Garrett refusing to accept the result.

Qld Townsville’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

The latest brawl about the lack of a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Townsville Hospital is part of the ongoing saga of a failure to identify and adequately fund essential North Queensland infrastructure, according to Jenny Stirling Greens candidate for the seat of Townsville.

“The State government says it wants Townsville to be the 2nd capital city in the state. However there does not seem to be a corresponding commitment to the future health needs of an increased population in North Queensland”.

“Yes we need our highway to be flood proofed, yes we need better funding for our schools but nothing is more important than the ongoing health of our children”.

“The idea that our health services should be centralised to avoid duplication does not take into account the massive distances that rural and regional people have to travel in Queensland to get proper health outcomes for their children”.