Fears For National Park

Greens candidate for Maranoa Grant Newson is concerned that areas which have been clear-felled inside the boundaries of the Bunya Mountains National Park could be earmarked for future development.

Mr Newson has posted screenshots taken from Google Earth on his Facebook page which show forested areas that have been logged inside the park since 2006.

Qld Bunya Mountains National Park logged.

Areas inside the Bunya Mountains National Park area continued to be logged in the Barkers Creek and Middle Creek areas after it was brought to the attention of proper authorities.   

Mr Newson, The Greens candidate for Nanango, has done inspections of the areas logged and is shocked that a National Park could be allowed to have such devastation done to it.  Desecration of a Sacred Site is a serious offence and the Bunya Mountains is an important part of Indigenous culture and heritage.

The logging is taking place within the protected water recharge area where the South Burnett Creeks and waterways begin within the Bunya Mountains.  “The logging should have been halted immediately questions and concerns were raised” Mr Newson said.  “There is absolutely no way inside any National Park area should be allowed to be harvested”.

The logging company has a ‘log and leave’ policy.  This means that they just harvest the trees and do absolutely no regeneration of native plants – just leave.  This has caused the pests and weeds to thrive within these open areas killing any chance for any native vegetation to ever return.  Mr Newson said “The lantana is so thick that you cannot see through it.  Just another perfect area for feral pigs to thrive as no can get access to them.”