APPEA caught out on CSG spin

Coal seam gas has never been proven safe for the long-term future of groundwater resources and the Australian Petroleum Producers and Exploration Association (APPEA) must correct its $2.5 million spin campaign immediately, the Australian Greens said today.

“Scientists have not yet been able to establish the long-term safety of CSG drilling and fracking on our groundwater resources. Any statement to the contrary is completely false,” Australian Greens mining spokesperson, Senator Larissa Waters, said.

“I refer APPEA to the following statement from CSIRO, which reads;

Predicting long-term impacts of CSG production can be difficult due to potential cumulative and region-specific impacts of multiple developments.

“The National Water Commission also states;

Potential impacts of CSG developments, particularly the cumulative effects of multiple projects, are not well understood... The Commission is concerned that CSG development represents a substantial risk to sustainable water management given the combination of material uncertainty about water impacts, the significance of potential impacts, and the long time period over which they may emerge and continue to have effect.

“APPEA must ditch their spin campaign and start being honest with people about the uncertainties and real risks of CSG to our land and water, and I look forward to their public apology for misleading Australians.”



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