Billionaires’ mining boom damaging Queensland

The mining boom driven by billionaire magnates like Clive Palmer is weakening the economy and damaging regional communities and the environment, but the old parties don’t want to know as they are likely to block a Greens motion deferred to tomorrow to assess the real costs of the mining boom to Queensland.

The motion notes that the mining boom is likely to destroy 20,000 jobs in other Queensland long-term industries such as manufacturing, agriculture and tourism, according to new research by The Australia Institute.

“I am worried about Queensland’s future under a Clive Palmer-backed LNP Government. Queenslanders are sick of the mining industry running this state,” Australian Greens mining spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said.

“Mr Palmer’s own figures show that just one of his mines – ironically named China First – would destroy more than 2,200 Queensland manufacturing jobs, but the manufacturing sector couldn’t find support today from the old parties.

“This is exactly why the Senate should consider the real costs of the mining boom, the old parties have shown so far they’re unwilling to examine them – people are right to question how far Clive Palmer’s influence with the state and federal Coalition parties extends.

“99 per cent of Queenslanders who don’t work in the mining industry are struggling with a higher dollar, lack of affordable housing, higher cost of living across the board and a drain of skilled workers –Queensland voters can only fix this imbalance by voting Green in this weekend’s election.”



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