Building Queensland’s clean energy economy

The Queensland Greens today released their energy policy for the state election, proposing an upgrade to Queensland’s feed-in tariff system.

Greens’ lead candidate Adam Stone said the policy would not only lead to reduced carbon emissions, but would also generate jobs in a growth industry.

“Combined with initiatives the Greens have successfully put in place at federal level, a stronger feed-in tariff will help develop an industry of the future and shift our economy onto a more secure base for the long-term,” Mr Stone.

“The Greens propose to strength the Solar Bonus Scheme to bring it into line with international best practice as evident in Germany, Austria, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.  

“The required amendments include:

·               Removing the limits on size (5 kilowatts) and technology (photovoltaics only), so that all zero carbon technologies of any size are eligible;

·               Providing different tariffs for different technologies, ensuring that the rate is adequate to make those technologies competitive;

·               Moving from net metering, where the generator only receives the tariff for electricity that is fed into the grid after their own use has been subtracted, to gross metering, where the generator receives the tariff for all energy that they produce and then separately pays the market rate for all energy that they use from the grid.


“Expanding Queensland’s renewable energy industry through an improved feed-in tariff regime requires no specific budget allocation, as it will be covered by consumers’ electricity bills in the same way as presently occurs under the Solar Bonus Scheme. 

“However, this will not cause significant electricity price rises for two important reasons.  Firstly, the cost is spread so thinly across all consumers that it has very little impact on individual household electricity bills.  Secondly, experience has shown that renewable energy can actually cause electricity prices to fall by depressing the wholesale price that retailers pay.

“As with all of the Greens major policies released this election, our energy initiative is evidence-based and fiscally responsible.  We call on the other parties to follow suit,” Mr Stone concluded.

For further information and comment, please contact Adam Stone, lead candidate for the Queensland Greens and candidate for Mount Coot-tha (0417 629 852), or James Higgins, Mount Coot-tha Campaign Coordinator (0431 264 125)