Coal Dust Study for All

The Queensland Greens are backing the Prime Minister's comments in relation to coal dust as reported in Thursday's Newcastle Herald: ‘From my point of view, we need the science and all of the information about the impacts for community members and for their health.’   

"With the doubling of coal production and export occurring in Queensland it is of the highest importance that coal dust impact studies are done here as well." Acting Queensland Greens spokesperson Jonathon Dykyj said this morning.

"Communities right across this state are being affected by the rampant expansion of the fossil fuel industry including the impacts of coal dust, whether it's in the inner city suburbs of Brisbane or areas around regional centres like Mackay, Bowen and Moranbah. Sources of the dust include mines, trains and port facilities.

"The long term and cumulative impacts of coal dust are yet to be fully assessed but indications are that things are not looking good at all.

"Coal dust particulate matter of 2.5 microns are of particular concern to human health and needs further investigation.

"Ideally, the Greens would like to see both the state and federal governments move our economy away from unhealthy and unsustainable fossil fuels.  In the meantime, it is imperative that the Queensland Government takes immediate steps to ensure community health is not undermined by the coal rush gripping our State.”

CONTACT: Jonathon Dykyj - 0407 100 346