Keep Suncorp Jobs In Austalia

Queensland banking and finance giant, Suncorp, is sending insurance jobs offshore. Suncorp Group includes companies such as Suncorp Bank, Suncorp Insurance, AAMI, Vero, Apia and Shannons.The Finance Sector Union says the company has already told 187 employees in the last 6 months that their jobs will be going overseas and further announcements still to come. A report in the Australian Financial Review in September 2011 said that up to 2000 jobs could be lost to overseas third parties.  

The announcement to send jobs offshore comes after Suncorp employees built a great reputation for the company through their efforts during the disasters of late 2010 and early 2011. Despite the disasters, employees helped the company deliver a $453 million profit.

A recent federal inquiry into how the insurance industry responded to the victims of last summer’s disasters heard concerns about the handling of claims from insurance policy holders. It is difficult to see how sending claims processing jobs overseas will assist deliver better and more efficient insurance services to Queenslanders. FSU reports that when back office banking jobs have gone offshore, customer service suffers and problems with documentation takes much longer to rectify.  

During the global financial crisis in 2008, the banking arm of Suncorp was vulnerable. It was reported at the time that the Federal Government’s ‘deposit guarantee’ saved it from takeover by one of the big four banks. Taxpayers of Australia underwrote the survival and success of Suncorp at that time. Suncorp should now return the favour by investing in jobs and skills in Australia.

The FSU is asking people to urge Suncorp to keep jobs in Australia. You can help by:

·       signing the petition to the Queensland Parliament at

  • sending an email to Suncorp CEO, Patrick Snowball urging him to keep Suncorp jobs in Australia. His email address is
  • displaying a ‘Keep Suncorp Jobs in Oz’ sticker on your car
  • putting a ‘Keep Suncorp Jobs in Oz’ corflute in your yard
  • Joining the ‘Keep Suncorp Jobs in Australia’ facebook page.

For more information or to get a sticker, corflute or paper copies of the Queensland Parliament petition, please contact Danielle Mutton at the Brisbane office of the FSU on 3845 6915.  Danielle is a Green member and would love to speak to members at Greens Branch meetings about the campaign.  Please get in contact.

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