Dear Editor,


Some readers have responded to my letter of January 23 and I would like to offer the following in reply.

To be clear, I wrote the letter for three main reasons.  One: to demonstrate that  values can be held by any person regardless of their religious views or lack thereof.  Second: to point out that there are some people that despite going to church and saying “God bless” do not necessarily practice such values in their actions.  And third: to generally raise awareness that some of the mentioned values are sadly lacking in society.

One contributor, Dr Graeme Cumming (DM 28/01/12) went on the attack saying that the Greens are not “balanced” and “discard free speech”.  This was in relation to tennis great Margaret Court’s comments on gay marriage.  But true to the form of most critics of the Greens’, Dr Cumming leaves out the critical details.

Joining  the Greens’ in their rebuke of Pastor Court for her comments, which Dr Cummings failed to mention, were:   Peter Rosengren, editor of the Catholic Church's ‘The Record’newspaper; Tennis Australia; the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA); mental health advocate Chris Tanti and; former Australian Medical Association president Dr Kerryn Phelps to name a few.  Just Google: “Margaret Court Gay Marriage” to find out more.

My original letter was not solely focused on same sex marriage at all, but a lot of the response, if not all of it, was.  (Might I assume that they agree with me on my other points?)  So I will finish with a quote that I found in a statement from Tennis Australia on their website in relation to the issue and the story Dr Cumming raised:

“...we believe that everyone should be treated equally and fairly.  We concur wholeheartedly with the WTA who stated that “all human beings, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or otherwise, should be treated equally.  This is a fundamental right and principle, including within the world of sport.  Anyone advocating otherwise is advocating against fundamental and essential rights.’”  ( Perhaps some values aren’t so lacking after all.

Yours sincerely,


Jonathon Dykyj

 Qld Greens Rural and Regional Election Spokesperson and Candidate for Whitsunday.